Do you want to help us? Do you know about our Market?

As lots of you know, we are a Small, Private, Self-funded, Animal Rescue, based in Gorey, Co. Wexford,working mainly with stray and unwanted dogs. This involves many things, all of which cost money

Transport Costs. When we get a call about an animal in distress, straying, dumped etc. we have to drive to that location and pick up the animal. We then drive the animal back here or quite often, to the Vet. We may have several trips to the Vet. We homecheck before homing every dog, again driving. All of the pounds are far from us and we usually go at least once a week to get a dog or dogs or photograph them. We deliver dogs to transport to the UK and Europe, Sweden etc.  We do collections for our Market all over. Our transport bill is big!

Food. We have many dogs and cats with different dietary needs coming and going from our rescue. Some only eat canned, some dry, some small bite mixer, some want theirs soaked first etc.  Some have to live on Chicken and Rice, Lamb and Rice and usually need supplements and a good oil. Orphan Puppies, Kittens, Lambs, Foxes etc., all have to have a milk substitute best suited to their species. These are quite expensive but crucial.

Bedding, Bowls, Collars, Leads and Toys. We go through a lot of bedding. It wears out from washing or being scraped into a heap and dragged around the floor, Puppies chewing it, playing Tug-o-war with it and just plain ripping it up! Older and skinny or emaciated dogs need nice soft plush bedding.   Each dog has to have a collar and will usually go with it and sometimes the lead too. We could never have enough toys, as they get used to death!

Flea Treatment, Worm Treatment, Mange treatment and Vaccinations etc. Every dog and cat coming into our care has to be Vaccinated and given Flea and Worm Treatment. Sometimes, if very ill or underweight,  the Worm dose has to be held back for a couple of weeks.

Fostering.  This is a great way to help us. It means that we can do more.  Often we can have a dog who is very nervous, pregnant or underweight etc and needs more peace and quiet than we can offer when our “quiet rooms” are full. And often we are full to capactiy and if we had another fosterhome we could take the unfortunate dog.

We started the Ballygarrett Country Market and Cafe in November 2008 to help raise awareness and funds. We rent the Ballygarrett Parish Hall from the Church and charge the stall-holders for their spaces. David and I run the Cafe, with the help of Volunteers.

Margaret looks after the books and CDs, DVDs and our “Junk and Disorderly” stall, she is passionate about books and loves to match up people and books and she is also the most cheerful person you could meet!

On our “Junk and Disorderly”,  stall we have everything from Jewelry and Clothes to China to Pictures. We are given all sorts of great stuff to sell and we are so grateful for all of it.  We would be delighted to collect anything that you have and don’t want to keep any longer. So if you are having a clear out or just have a few toys no longer used, please let us know.

We are very aware of just how bad things are and how tight money is and we understand that many people can’t Donate much, but a couple of Euro from ten people will see a dog Vaccinated and Wormed.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who help us with our work, we couldn’t keep going without you!

Tina. X

5 comments on “Do you want to help us? Do you know about our Market?

  1. Hi Tina, I have some used clothes that I was going to give to Barnardos…..there are a few items with tags still on in the bags also. If you would like to pick them up I’m living in Castlebridge, let me know

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