Hens On The Mend.

As soon as they start coming out into the sunlight, pecking at grass and having dustbaths, you can see the difference in their appearance and they become inquisitive and friendly on no time at all.

The dark dots and patches are the new feathers coming through.

This is Football, a little girl, from the January Rescue, she never grew her tail back,  just one feather.

The majority of the hens were picked up in the days after the Rescue and the rest are being adopted every day.

Yesterday, a lovely nurse called Catherine, took the worst looking 20 of our ex-working girls and planned knitting them jumpers.

We are planning our next rescue of 2,000 in July.

So that we can take all 2,000 and not leave any behind for slaughter, and as it’s such a huge amount for us, we need to find kind people who would be willing to let us borrow their a barn/stable/shed  in which to keep some of our girls for the first week while we assess, treat and Adopt them out to their new homes.

We would of course look after their feed, bedding and cleaning.

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