Pethelpers update 2013

It’s been a while since our last post and we are very sorry for our absence the last few months.

Tina has no broadband in her area and was using a dongle which works only very occasionally, and then a few weeks ago her laptop broke. She’s been very busy with lots of animals and without any help. She didn’t want to contact me as I just had a baby and trying to find my feet as a new mum and therefore wasn’t really online either.

However, her new laptop has just arrived, Regional Broadband are surveying her area this week, so fingers crossed that they support the area and she’ll be online soon again.

As you can imagine Tina has taken in loads of animals in the last few months but with no way to ‘publish’ them, has not found many homes for them yet. So I spoke to her today and will publish now a few of the many who are looking for homes with as much detail as possible, unfortunately without any photos but they will hopefully follow soon. If you have any questions in regards to any animals please feel free to give Tina a call at 087 258 9061.

Cross Collie Marcy – 4 months old – loves everyone and everything!

Great Dane – female – 2 years old – black with a little white on chest. A bit shy at first. Great with kids, dogs, cats and hens. Very affectionate. Needs to be spayed and has a cherry eye that needs op.

Jack Russell – male – neutered – 11 months old – full tail :-). Great with kids, cats, dogs and hens.

Jack Russells – 8 weeks old – black and tan – 5 puppies

Kittens: Tabby – 6 month old – champagne – female

Kittens – 8 weeks old – black – female x 2

Kittens – 8 weeks old – black and white – female x 2

Rabbit: big black bunny – 2 years old – male

That’s it for now, more will follow.

Thanks for spreading the word and helping us,


3 comments on “Pethelpers update 2013

  1. Sinead from kilcock here.. I took 3 hens from tina last july.. All 3 were doing gr8 till we think a fox got 1 last week, d other 2 r gr8 big healty+ fat.. Wit lovely large eggs from them, loving life….:) hi 2 all + keep up d gud work..

  2. Hello, i have a 10 yr old daughter who would absolutely love to volunteer and help with rescue animals. We have a rescue dog which we brought all the way from Central america! We live near Ramsgrange, but we would both gladly help out at the weekend. If you need any help, please let me know. Many thanks. Lindsay

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