About us

Dear Pethelpers,

Pethelpers.ie is a non-profit, volunteer organisation founded by Tina Brophy, dedicated to protecting abused, abandoned and neglected animals.

Pethelpers.ie has no shelter facilities, all animals are placed with Tina, Foster-homes, friends and family until we can find a new loving home in Ireland, United Kingdom, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Italy, etc. We have a strict no kill policy and all animals are spayed or neutered  (unless young puppies)and vaccinated before being placed in a new home in Ireland and the U.K.  They require a Pet Passport, including Rabies Shot and Microchip, when going to other European Countries.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering an animal please fill in our Adoption and Fostering Application form.

We are always looking for new volunteers in Ireland and the UK to help with fostering, transportation and fund raising. If you would like to get involved or make a donation please visit Help and Donate page or contact us directly.

To help fund Pethelpers, we run the Ballygarrett Country Market, in the Ballygarrett Parish Hall every Sunday between St. Patrick’s weekend and Christmas, from 10am to 1.30pm. We look for Bric-a-brac, Books, CD’s, Clothes, Plants, anything that we can sell on our “Junk and Disorderly” stall.  Please check our market out on Facebook.

We are always very thankful for any kind of donation such as food, towels, blankets, leads – anything that makes an animal’s life better. Of course, we are also in constant need of money especially to pay for veterinary costs. To read more about where the money goes and how we make sure to avoid animal-unrelated fees, please visit Help and Donate page.

Thank you very much for your interest, please feel free to browse our website and be part of Pethelpers.ie.

5 comments on “About us

  1. I am a dog listener/trainer in South Dublin, under used by the usual rescues !!!! with time on my hands and a passion for rehoming rescues. We have 2 ourselves and often have weekenders like last weekend when we found Lucky on the mountain trails in Tribradden and brought him home (no home at the inn in DSPCA) He was back home with his delighted owners next day thanks to Lostdogs.ie and we had a lovely bottle of red from Lucky to say thank you. If you need transport or help give me a call, I did vet. nursing in Canada and have no problems getting stuck in. We are facebook friends

      • really have to find time for myself. Where are you in Wexford?? I get to use my sisters holiday home in Ballyconnigar beach/blackwater area and would love to meet up with you over the summer. I am trying to find a dog called Jodi collie x that was rescued a few weeks back and I can’t get her out of my mind. Was it you guys who had her.

      • No Trish, we didn’t but I’ll try to find out who did. I’d love to meet you too, we are in Ballygarrett/Cahore.
        From Blackwater, go through Kilmuckridge and the next village is Ballygarrett.

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