Pet Profiles & Lost Animals

Dear Pethelper,

To make the page easy to navigate and make it easy to find what or who you are looking for, we have organised everything in categories. Please choose the category you are looking for such as Cats, Dogs, Birds, Horses, Lost and found animals, or Small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs etc.) in the top navigation drop down menu. This drop down menu is accessible from every page on the blog.

Also interesting and hopefully helpful is Tina’s blog for all animal lovers. You are welcome to post questions, suggestions and information to all topics and articles. We look forward to a very positive and interactive forum.

If you have any questions or can provide help to an animal, please click on the header of the article about the specific animal in question. Underneath the article a comment form will open (as you can see under this article as well), please just write your e-mail in there, fill in your e-mail contact and if possible your phone number as well, and we will contact you as soon as possible. To keep this web page spam free, you have to put in a valid e-mail address, but don’t worry it’s only to fight spam or to reply to you personally if you request it, otherwise we will not use your e-mail in any other way or pass it on to third parties.

Another good and up-to-date page on lost and found animals all over Ireland is Lost & Found

Thank you very much for your interest and support of

9 comments on “Pet Profiles & Lost Animals

  1. Hi Tina, I have one cat at the moment who could do with a new home. she was left with us after a spay. she’s young, healthy ginger and spayed. She is semi-feral but not aggressive.She’d make a pretty out door farmyard cat. Susie

  2. I lost my foxhound lily on 25th of Jan at noon. She disappeared from the village of kiltyclogher on the borders of leitrim/fermanagh at aprox noon. She is on all the major lost and found sites, inc facebook, dogs in distress, dogs trust,, lostdogsuk and all the pounds and sanctuaries north and south of the border. Theres a possibiliy she is in limeick area. Please please everyone can you keep looking for lily, i have her mum here, she was shot in the head and left for dead, she and lily are inseparable for the last three and half years, since day lily was born. Anyone knowing anything or with any kind of new at all please contact me on 07593508980. Lily is not the female foxhound currently under a death sentence in carrickfergus pound, thanks to everyone who has contacted me to let me know about that poor dog-Sue x

  3. Our husky Mishka went missing Monday night the 6 of October from the crossbarry area Cork. please contact me on 086-1624283 or 087-2245314 or email on or Mark Cronin if any one has seen her or has heard of a stray husky in their area . She is chipped but her chip is on her shoulder please make sure that ye take her to the vets. we really would love to have her back home safe and sound. there is also an reward for her safe return home. please help us find her

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