Hens On The Mend.

As soon as they start coming out into the sunlight, pecking at grass and having dustbaths, you can see the difference in their appearance and they become inquisitive and friendly on no time at all.

The dark dots and patches are the new feathers coming through.

This is Football, a little girl, from the January Rescue, she never grew her tail back,  just one feather.

The majority of the hens were picked up in the days after the Rescue and the rest are being adopted every day.

Yesterday, a lovely nurse called Catherine, took the worst looking 20 of our ex-working girls and planned knitting them jumpers.

We are planning our next rescue of 2,000 in July.

So that we can take all 2,000 and not leave any behind for slaughter, and as it’s such a huge amount for us, we need to find kind people who would be willing to let us borrow their a barn/stable/shed  in which to keep some of our girls for the first week while we assess, treat and Adopt them out to their new homes.

We would of course look after their feed, bedding and cleaning.

Six One News: 1,000 rescued battery hens seek new home

We have collected another 1,000 ex-working girls last week.

We already had a great lineup of people giving our hens a new home, however we are still looking for more suitable homes. As you can imagine we are very, very busy and it will take us some time to reply to emails, so the easiest would be if you could please give us a call at
087 258 9061
directly. Even if you already have sent an email, it would be a great help if you could please give us a ring.

Thank you all very much for all your help and generosity!

Our rescue efforts were also broadcasted by RTE News again, please just click on the link below to watch it:


And here you can read our post and comments from last week.

1,000 Hens!

We will be collecting 1,000 ex-working girls on the week of the 30th.

As we are taking so many we have to line up as many collections on the days of delivery, on the week of the 30th of April 2012.

We have quite a list already and it’s growing every day.

Unfortunately, all of the Producers seem to be slaughtering their hens around the same time, so time is of the essence!

If we can get all of these girls, pre-booked for their new homes, we can save more due for slaughter.

We have been promised a loan of enough cages with which to collect 120 of the girls at a time but we could do with some more if anybody can help there and lessen our trips between Wexford and Carlow.

A Change of Heart.

Lola came to us from Mayo SPCA. She is great fun, very kind natured, accepting anything and everything that comes through our door and gates. But Lola likes to chase Chickens.

That is until yesterday when we gave her her very own hen, Duracell.

Now Lola is the Chicken and Turkey minder!

Loving the Sun!

These are three of the four Turkeys given to us, in January, by a lady who could no longer keep them. They were hatched by Silkies, a small breed of hen and they are pets.

They are very trusting, following you for a chat and a rub, shouting at you through the window if they think they are missing something and are happy to be lifted up onto your lap, eat out of your hand and jump into the car if you don’t put the roof up quickly enough!

When we had them all tucked up in bed last night we found our first Turkey egg!

Cockrel Need a Home

Can anybody offer this beautiful boy a home. He is getting protective of his hens and is making it difficult for the children to play in “his” garden.

If you can offer him a home, please fill in the adoption form or make a comment on the Halfway Hen House Facebook Page.

Thank you!


Our New Residents

Thanks to Linda, of Linda’s weight-loss and Nutrition in Gorey, we have our new residents, 4 big pet Turkeys. One boy and 3 girls. They are very sweet and the Hens find them no threat at all, if anything it would be the other way round! They walked into the Henhouse as if they had always been there. They had a good look around and then got settled in for a sleep after their journey in Linda’s horse-box.