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Dear Pethelpers,

Our main concern is the animals and we do everything we can to eliminate cost and ‘unrelated’ charges. Unfortunately lots of (financial) organisations charge enormous amounts for donation assistance services – a few hundred Euro annually in service fees in addition to a % of every donation, or if there is no set up fee a very high percentage up to 70% of each donation amount! Some of these organisations hold reputable and well known names, which we are not going to mention, but which we are not going to ‘support’ either by using their service. We think this is unbelievable and very sad, because these organisations benefit from the connection to the Charity and Not-For-Profit sector and people who support a good cause are paying good money to them and only part of it goes to the actual cause.

Anyway, the only thing we can do about it is to let you know about these facts and open an ordinary bank account with minimal annual charges and no extra fees! If you have any further questions, suggestions or would like to organise a fund raising activity, please contact us directly.

If you like to make a donation which goes 100% to the animals, please donate to our PayPal account:

We can also assure you that there is no donation money going into our new web presence – if you would like to know more about it please feel free to visit Technical help.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering an animal please fill in our Adoption and Fostering Application form.

6 comments on “Help and Donate

  1. I really admire the work you are doing! Please advise on fb when you put up your account details – I’m sure plenty would like to donate! Have you thought of having a card or a certificate that one could print from your site, if someone wanted to donate as a Christmas, Birthday Gift (etc) to a friend?

    • George, thanks for the kind, helpful comment. We are at present not a Registered Charity. I looked into it and the Registry said they were not interested in us unless we started to make a lot of money!! I have applied for Tax Exemption, so may get a Charity number soon. So, with no Charity (CHY) number, I cannot set up a bank account in the name of Pethelpers.
      There is a company who collects for you and takes a considerable cut and we feel that it’s not fair, as we believe, if a person wants to donate then it should all go to the animals. I work for nothing, Julie set up this site for nothing and we don’t have a fixed “donation” when we home animals, who will all be Vaccinated and Neutered.
      We don’t get a Grant and depend on the kindness of people like yourself. I run weekend Markets, Ballygarrett Country Market, where I live and the next Village along, Kilmuckridge Country Market. I do the Cafe in both and sell eggs from my Rescue Hens. This goes twords Vet bills etc. You can have a look at the pages for both of these on Fb. There is also Fb page.
      In the “current economic climate”, animals are, it seems, one of the first things to go, when a family budget is being chopped. This keeps me very busy and I probably have not had the chance to apply myself, without interruption, to the Charity status and the” Donation Button”!
      Julie, is teaching today but I’ll talk to her later and see what we can come up with.
      If you wish to donate by cheque, I can give you the address and I can post you a receipt in the form of Christmas Cards if that would be good for you, George.
      So, George, thanks for your comment and for caring about the animals.

  2. found you through a friend on facebook. Admire the work you do and know both Ballyragget and Kilmuckridge well so must pay a visit. If you need help in the general Dublin area please contact me. I worked in Vet. nursing in canada for 6 yrs. and now that I am training dogs I have my dream job. Have 2 rescues myself and cannot get into a rescue here to help out. DSPCA are 10 mins away but their trainer dosent want to see me to set foot in the place. Currently just help out fundraising etc for dogsaid.
    Hope to meet you soon

    • Hi Trish,
      thanks for that. I’m sure Dogsaid are very happy with your help. I’m in touch with Martina there and knew Maggie years ago when I worked for a vet in Dublin.
      It would be great to meet you any time you are around this area and I will hold you to your offer of help in the Dublin area.
      Please befriend me on Fb and we can keep in touch. Have a little guy here who could do with your help!
      Thanks again,

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